Do something about domestic and family violence

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Although we speak out strongly against domestic and family violence as a society, it continues because, as individuals, we often choose to stay silent.

When confronted with the signs of abusive behaviour, we can make excuses and downplay our instinct to step in.

Domestic and family violence won’t go away by itself – it needs our intervention to break the cycle.

It needs everyday Queenslanders to take responsibility for learning the signs and taking action to stop domestic and family violence.

Your help can make a difference to ending domestic and family violence. Get started now!

When to do something

Understand the difference between normal relationship conflict and domestic and family violence, and learn the signs you need to look for.

How to do something

Get practical advice on how to intervene safely and effectively if you see domestic and family violence happening or are concerned it might happen.

Thank you. By taking the time to explore this site, you’re doing something about domestic and family violence in Queensland.

Support This Blog

All money raised will go towards funding this blog and my company Healthy Family Dynamics Pty Ltd which creates projects to help children effected by domestic and family violence. I believe that Education is the first step to reducing the rates of DV in Australia.



I’m 32 from Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia. I have a son who is 7. Violent men have been a part of my whole life. It began with a violent father & not until now do I fully understand why..... We seek out what we know because it’s familiar. I don’t have many answers or many good ones at least I just wanted there to be a safe space for everyone to share their ‘ugly’ DV stories. It’s not about making it ok & it’s not about judging one another!! It’s about not being alone!!

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