Day 2,007 Of Domestic Violence – The Guilt I Feel

This goes out to two woman in particular out there. You know who you are!

Thank you for telling me I am selfish. Telling me I choose something over my own son. Thank you for ignoring me, for taking me out of my sons life and cutting me down or humiliating me any chance you get.

I will never forgive you for what you have done. You tell me to get the help I need well I need you to stop this. I am a person, I am worth just as much as his father except I was a scape goat! You then have the nerve to tell me that is not my problem. Really? Do you think you have a better understanding of how I feel than I do?

You fucking make me sick. Both of you. One apparently had to remove her grandson while the over raised an abusive creep. Remind me why I should take advice from you? It doesn’t seem you have done any better so what makes you think you should be raising my son from a top of that high horse.

It makes you happy to see what you have done to us and for that you both have lost all of my respect.

I may not be perfect but I am a thousand times the mother either if you have ever been.

I will not let you get away with this and in the end I will make sure they see you both for what you are. At least in the end you will have each other. Sometimes it’s a curse being me but to wake up each day anything like either if you would be a fate worse than death so I can seek comfort my mind is not overrun by delusions.

You had better hope you picked the right line to walk because if not this will not end well as I will not stop until you get what you deserve.


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