Today is Wednesday 18th September 2018. Just like any other day, the sun rose and the hustle and bustle began. So I ask myself why do on at 5.49 pm do I feel frustrated with it all?

Number one. I started a fundraiser almost a month ago but just like most things in my life it hasn’t been very successful. I even put up a slightly confronting yet extremely personal video showing my personal injuries sustained whilst in a domestically violent relationship but no one cares enough to donate.

Number two. Why is it that someone you’ve known for a short while that seems to have a thing for you is treating his daughter in exactly the wrong way and the more you try to point it out the more it seems to go over his head. Seeing the signs from my childhood I am attempting to make apparent so she doesn’t end up like one of us is frustrating.

Number three. Being accused of child abuse this morning because I won’t allow my son to have surgery for something I know very little about. Despite the fact that I am his mother and more than capable of mothering I am kept relatively in the dark. Changes to GP and many other things seem to be allowed but if I ask the question or prefer that the judge make the decision is somewhat out of the question. Family court judges have a lot to answer for I think in Australia.

Number four. Maybe just the fact that it’s hump day and more and more the world doesn’t seem like a very caring or nice place to be a part of.

I am not sure but I am a bit tired of it all. Enough people have ‘shared or seen’ my video but only one person actually donated to help make change.

Makes me wonder if anyone cares at all.

Happy Friday, sorry to be a bit cynical today but really when does happiness start for any of us because I’m beginning to think maybe never!!

I am a mother of one, artist and blogger from Australia. I write children’s books and want to introduce awareness education for children in all schools. This is my journey from domestic violence and beyond. Where it will end up is anyone's guess. Share in my story....

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